catalina-2.jpgCatalina public art strategy, Tamala Park, Western Australia

  • Client: Tamala Park Regional Council
  • Stakeholders and partners: Satterleys
  • Role of Artsource: Consultant
  • Outcome: Production of a public art strategy for Catalina]
  • Completion date: November 2011


The Tamala Park Regional Council commissioned Artsource to produce an overall public art strategy to provide a cohesive and consistent approach to the procurement of public art for the Catalina land development in Perth’s northern coastal strip.

This public art strategy forms part of the overall planning for the Catalina development and was developed in conjunction with the Final Local Structure Plan, September 2009, explanatory section and appendices; and amended in line with reviews of the structure plan and roll out of the landscaping concept.

The strategy recommends three narratives for Catalina, being regeneration; beach and bush; and trails.

These allow the geography and history of the Catalina land to be interpreted in a contemporary way via public art. It also reflects values that Catalina may wish to develop amongst its residents: those of hope, looking to the future, respect for the environment and healthy living.