Qetafin Island Public Art Strategy Development Drawings. Source: ArtsourceQetafin Islands Public Art Strategy

Qatar, United Arab Emirates

  • Client: Parsons International
  • Stakeholders: Lusail Real Estate Development Company
  • Role of Artsource: Consultant
  • Outcome: Comprehensive Masterplan for Procurement of Public Art
  • Completion date: 2012

Artsource created a comprehensive public art strategy to enable procurement of artworks for a major development over a series of four islands. Artsource developed a unique and dynamic major themes for each island, taking into consideration location, purpose, end user characteristics and environment.

Sub themes for distinct neighbourhoods were identified. Various artwork methodologies were prescribed to identify each of the eight character zones/neighbourhoods, taking into account the cultural identity, environment, and desire for quality that characterized the location. Methodologies included: site-specific, integrated, stand-alone and functional artworks.

Essentially the plan identifies themes and stories to be told by way of public art; denotes where the use of public art will define community entryways, key cultural nodes and opportunities for the connection and interpretation of transit corridors and significant spaces and identifies precincts and locations for public art.