Picture4-6.jpgTown of Mosman Park
Public Art Strategy

Mosman Park, Western Australia

  • Client: Town of Mosman Park
  • Stakeholders and partners: Mosman Park community
  • Role of Artsource: Consultant
  • Outcome: Planned adoption of public art strategy by Town of Mosman Park
  • Completion date: estimated 2013

In response to a gift of a sculpture, Dragonfly, from Ben Juniper, the Town of Mosman Park has sought to formalise its approach to, and placement of, public art within its local government area. It has commissioned Artsource to recommend on artwork placement, conduct community consultation and document a public art strategy, providing a curatorial response to the region

Ben Juniper, DragonFly, in situ  overlooking the Swan River, Mosman Park.