Yas-island-(1).jpgYas Islands public art strategy, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

  • Client: Parsons International
  • Stakeholders and partners: Zone K Residential Community Aldar Properties PJSL
  • Role of Artsource: Consultant
  • Outcome: Creation of public art strategy
  • Completion date: 2012


As part of development of the Yas Island’s Zone K Residential Community, Artsource has been commissioned to develop a Public Art Strategy. The strategy will form the foundation for an art programme of commissioned site specific artworks as well as non-commissioned and integrated artworks for secondary and tertiary sites throughout the precinct.

Artsource’s Public Art Strategy has been developed in alignment with Zone K Community’s public realm vision to create a sense of community; to connect with local and regional Arabic culture and to connect with the natural environment. In line with this, the public art vision for Zone K Community is to:

  • Create artworks that establish a sense of place by encouraging community interaction and engagement;
  • Create culturally relevant artworks; and
  • Create artworks with visual and conceptual connections to the built and natural environment.