2013 Telethon Appeal Artwork Project

  • Client: Perth Public Art Foundation
  • Stakeholders and Partners: Channel 7 Telethon Trust & City of Perth
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artists: Olga Cironis, Paula Hart & Denise Brown
  • Outcome: A series of public art sculptures for children, artists’ workshops, art activities for children
  • Artwork budget: $66,000

Following the submission of a grant application in September 2012, the Perth Public Art Foundation was successful in securing funds from the Channel 7 Telethon Trust. The grant was to support the commission and development of a public art project using the Perth Public Art Foundation as its vehicle.

Perth Public Art Foundation approached Artsource to develop, facilitate and oversee a procurement and project management strategy, including artwork commissioning, artists’ workshops, and artwork installation at the 2013 Telethon Appeal. 

This multi-faceted project had the broad aim to commission professionally recognised artists experienced in producing large scale sculptural works and in working with children. Most importantly, it aimed to positively impact the lives of children experiencing ill health.

A series of 6 large-scale artworks, 4 medium-scale and 12 small-scale works; a series of workshops for children and a highly successful series of activities for the Telethon Weekend were produced by artists Olga Cironis, Paula Hart and Denise Brown.

The project realised a successful financial return of almost $30,000, through auctioning the finished pieces, for the benefit of the Telethon Appeal. A research report documented the positive effects of creativity and art practice on children suffering ill health.

Image: Courtesy of Artsource