Untitled by Miik Green and Brad Ladyman, 2012, painted aluminum. photos by Julian Masters'Untitled' sculpture

City Square foyer, Perth

  • Client BHP Billiton
  • Stakeholders and partners Hassell
  • Role of Artsource Employment Services
  • Artists Miik Green and Brad Ladyman, known collectively as KOLAB]
  • Artwork budget $275,000
  • Completion date 2012

Selected from an Artsource curated shortlist, Miik Green and Brad Ladyman were commissioned by BHP Billiton to produce a suspended artwork on an ambitious timeline. Their untitled collaborative sculpture is now hanging in the City Square Foyer. The commission for the BHP Billiton building fills over three storeys of space and comprises two kilometres of tubular aluminium, coated in red marine-grade paint.

The self-repeating patterns within the work create a series of lines, which provide a unique experience depending on the viewer’s perspective. The work can be read on a number of levels and is intentionally left open to interpretation -the forms reminiscent of everything from blood vessels to benches in an open-pit mine- but it takes cues from the architecture and function of the building.

Green and Ladyman worked closely together on the project, sharing the responsibilities of the overall vision, development and execution of the project throughout the entire process. They have collaborated on several significant projects in the past and consistently create high quality contributions to public art. Artsource offered guidance and advice to both the artists and the client throughout this project.