Keir Edwin McHale Ralph in Carillon City residency, 2012. Photographer: Carlo DalzielArtist in Residence

Carillon City, Perth, Western Australia

  • Client: Hawaiian
  • Stakeholders and partners: Carillon City, Hawaiian
  • Role of Artsource: Art consultants
  • Artists: Keir Edwin McHale Ralph
  • Outcome: Space activation for Hawaiian and successful residency for artist member
  • Completion date: August 2012

Keir Edwin McHale Ralph was an artist in residence in one of the shop spaces at Carillon City in Perth for 3 months in 2012. As well as providing a place to work for Ralph, passers by were interested to see the works develop. This was the first of the artist in residence opportunities in vacant shop fronts around the Perth CBD that Artsource was involved in.
Ralph was responsible for the space for the duration of his residency which he thoroughly enjoyed. He expressed how inspired he was to work with the constant flow of patrons viewing and offering an opinion on his work. He found that having the interaction with the general public was a  welcome change from his usual studio situation with fellow artists. Ralph’s style developed and his subject matter broadened during his time in Carillon City. It was a very successful space activation for Hawaiian, who now continue to use the vacant shops at Carillon City for artist temporary galleries and studios.
Ralph’s closing exhibition of the works completed at Carillon City was a huge success. He exhibited at The Secret Garden in Wolf Lane, which was his first solo show. All 15 works completed during the residency were purchased within the first 24 hours of the opening.