Matthew Hunt, Bomb da Site, 2011. Ephemeral Project by Artsource.Bomb da Site, Perth Cultural Centre, Western Australia

  • Client: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
  • Stakeholders and Partners: Department of Culture and the Arts
  • Role of Artsource: Curator/Art consultants
  • Artists: Matthew Hunt
  • Outcome: Temporary signage intervention
  • Artwork budget: $12,800

Bomb da Site peppered the Perth Cultural Centre with artworks over a period of almost three months. From a series of banners, to a run of posters pasted up sequentially, and finishing with a mirror vinyl text piece – the work launched a silent invasion of the space.

Hunt’s text work finds its origins on the street and in popular culture; fragments of signs, number plates, popular speech, writing on walls – words that are at times misread or half-remembered. The artist’s collection of words is re-worked into texts that are open-ended and ambiguous.

The project saw Hunt test varied approaches to the site, trying out different texts and applications, working off responses from audiences, teasing reactions out of the passer-by. The work tested expectations and threw up a series of questions on the placement of text in public spaces and how we absorb it, who places it there and how it mediates our experience of the world.

Matthew Hunt, Bomb da Site, 2011. Ephemeral Art Project by Artsource.Matthew Hunt, Bomb da Site, 2011. Ephemeral Art Project by Artsource.