Perth, Western Australia

  • Client:  Perth Public Art Foundation
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artists: Phil Gamblen
  • Outcome: Temporary public artwork in the Barrack Street precinct  area
  • Completion date: May 2016

Perth Public Art Foundation perthFLUX, a curated program of temporary and ephemeral interventions is as a response to our City in change. Tiny Parades, by SNAPCAT aka Renae Coles and Anna Dunnill was the first instalment and TOAST, by Phil Gamblen was recently unveiled in Grand Lane as the second instalment. TOAST, by mid-career artist Phil Gamblen, is an acoustic sculptural installation, featuring in Grand Lane until Friday 27th May 2016. With a physical presence designed to contrast the urban soundscape, TOADT offers the enquirer an "orchestra of sound" thorough individually controlled microcontroller channels. As a sound producing kinetic artwork, TOAST consist of a series of identically hand-made mechanism, each containing a spoon which repeatedly taps a wine glass producing a series of "chinking" sounds.

Phil Gamblen, Toast, Temporary installation, 2016. Photographer: Artsource