The Trustee Building

Perth, Western Australia

  • Client: Brookfield
  • Stakeholders and partners: Placematch
  • Role of Artsource: Art consultants
  • Artists: Eva Fernandez
  • Outcome: Space activation through short term lease of artwork
  • Artwork budget: $6000
  • Completion date: September 2012

From late May until late August 2012, Eva Fernandez’ installation work (terra) australis incognita, graced a shopfront in the former WA Trustee Building within the redeveloped City Square complex; a historic building located at 125 St Georges Terrace in the heart of the CBD.

The elements of the installation consisted of three photographic images and deconstructed furniture with detritus from the deconstruction process scattered on the floor. Lit with directional spotlights, the dramatic and theatrical atmosphere made an impressive statement during the day and at night.

The Brookfield owned site represents a balance between preservation of an historic site and the creation of a dynamic and progressive city space. (terra) australis incognita is therefore a fitting centrepiece for this architectural destination in the Perth CBD; the artwork represents the ongoing shifting of societies, as well as the desire to both preserve and destroy the past. It speaks about the layering of history which permeates significant sites and treasured historic buildings such as these.