Building 304 Curtin University Research Facility
"Optical Paths"

Curtin UniversityCurtin-304-8-(1).jpg
Bentley, Western Australia


  • Client: Curtin University
  • Stakeholders and partners: John Curtin Gallery, NS Projects, Silver Thomas Hanley Architects
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artist: Agency 296: Tom Muller & Ariane Palassis
  • Outcome: Installation of a site-specific artwork
  • Artwork budget: $141,000
  • Completion date: December 2016

Tom Muller and Ariane Palassis of Agency 296 were commissioned to deliver a site-specific artwork for the Curtin University Building 304 Research Facility. 

The resulting artwork, Optical Paths, is comprised of 38 vertically suspended glass panels, cut to the proportions of the ‘golden ratio’ and coated in dichroic film. As the natural light quality changes throughout the day, the panels project a colourful network of prismatic silhouettes into the foyer below. Inspiration for the artwork was drawn from Newton’s seminal study of the fundamental nature of light, Optiks, published in 1704.