Esperance Foreshore, Cindy Poole & Jason Woolridge, Whale Tail, 2014. Image courtesy of Blake RawlinsonEsperance Foreshore Development

Esperance, Western Australia

Cindy Poole and Jason Woolridge’s were the successful artist team for the Esperance Foreshore Development project under the Shire of Esperance’s Percent for Art Policy. The artists were commissioned through an open tender process line with local government processes. The Council was impressed by the sophisticated artworks proposed by Cindy and Jason, one inspired by the graceful movement of a whale tail and the other a series of  kinetic sculptures based upon rudder shapes. Natural forms are elegantly combined with industrial materials in both artworks, producing beautiful structures that connect Esperance to the ocean whilst acknowledging the industrial nature of the port.

The artwork were installed to coincide with two separate Waterfront Launch events in 2014. The Whale Tail was unveiled as part of the James Street Precinct opening, led by the Premier Colin Barnett on 8th June 2014. The Rudders are located on the Headland and were installed in November 2014, marking the completion of the Foreshore development. This project required both Poole and Wooldridge to utilise their technical expertise whilst providing them with the opportunity to expand their arts practice into the realm of Public Art.