Hyne Roady, Gordon Mitchell, Blueprint, 2014.Blueprint

Hyne Road, South Guildford, Western Australia

  • Client: Wonteco
  • Stakeholders and partners: Meyer Shircore Architects, City of Swan
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artists: Gordon Mitchell
  • Outcome: Public artwork for fulfillment of Local government Percent for Art requirement
  • Artwork budget: $60,000
  • Completion date: October 2014

Artist Gordon Mitchell was commissioned by Wonteco to work with Meyer Shircore Architects to produce an iconic, integrated artwork for the fa├žade of a large warehouse in South Guildford Industrial area. The public artwork consists of twenty-five glass panels, designed by Mitchell and printed by glass specialists, Cooling Brothers, and a sculptural relief for the facade of a large, double height warehouse in South Guildford.

The artwork reflects the industrial history of the site, which was formerly a brickworks and timber joinery. Using the detailed imagery of the traditional blueprint to illustrate the stages of planning and organisation, the glass component is paired with powder-coated aluminium cogs and rods, which symbolise the unity of a successful workforce and the importance of teamwork. The theme of the work very much reflects the collaborative nature of the artwork as artist, architect, builder and others, worked together to realise the project.

Hyne Road, Gordon Mitchell, Blueprint, 2014.