Exploration by Kyle Hughes-Odgers

Mount Lawley, WA

  • Client: M-Group
  • Role of Artsource: Art Consultant
  • Artist: Kyle Hughes-Odgers
  • Outcome: A mural and a perforated screen
  • Artwork budget: $55,000
  • Completion date: November 2018

TheseThe concept for this artwork is based around the core idea of ‘explorations of urban life’. Shown through the use of narrative based, pattern and abstract imagery. The artwork aims to reflect the vibrant Mount Lawley suburb with strong links to young contemporary art and culture. Ideas of identity, community, journey and growth contributing and adding to a strong sense of place within the site location.

The artwork concept is split across two major outcomes: Location One and Location Two.

Location one: Artwork / Mural

An area of 2D based mural artwork. A large scale contemporary street based work centered around two heavily patterned figures. The figures are interacting across a narrative which aims to evoke ideas of connection, growth of the area and the exploration of urban life. The images, textures and patterns used are abstract references to the local architecture/homes, growth/gardens, community connection and sense of place specific to the site location. The selected colour palette references the vibrant local contemporary art scene while having a complimentary link to the terra cotta hues in the building accents, integrating the artwork into the overall design. The heavily patterned work will also disguise the bin and transformer door on site.

Location two: Perforated Screen

An area of 3D based artwork - manufactured and installed as a large scale perforated screen. Grid like geometric patterns which relate to location one represent structure/mapping / the built environment/ modern city life. The geometric areas climb 75% the height of the building merging into an area representing growth and nature. Combining the core themes of the overall concept while referencing visual imagery from the artwork in locations one. This contributes to integrating the individual artwork locations and imagery into one combined outcome / greater narrative across the entire building.